Oversized is definitely in, but what if you are not really a fan? What if the oversized trend isn’t the most flattering? Well, there is an easy solution to that problem.

Belts! Adding belts to an outfit can help make the fit more flattering and sometimes add a pop of color. The belt has become such a powerful piece in the wardrobe. It is no longer used just for securing your jeans, pants, or trousers but, the belt has now become the focal point of an outfit.

Check out these amazing looks that are the perfect example of styling a belted outfit on our Pinterest here.


Here are the top 5 top belts we love here at Style Savy.

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Take your outfit to the next level with the perfect statement belt. Whether it be a sweater, dress, blazer, pant suit, oversized scarf, jacket, etc. Belt it and watch your outfit transform.

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