Here are 3 style resolutions for 2019 that will help you save and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Maximize Your Already Existing Wardrobe

Take the time to fall back in love with your clothes again. This year let’s make it a point to shop smarter and only when we need to. You will be amazed at the endless outfit combinations you can make in your already existing wardrobe. Take a day to go through and pair outfit together. Odds are you will blow your own mind and in turn you will save money.

Closet Organization

The first thing one thinks of when the new year is approaching is a fresh start. That is exactly what closet organization is for your wardrobe, a fresh start. Yes, it is time-consuming I know but, its worth it. Start the new year fresh by organizing your closet. This allows you to see every piece when forming outfits and allows you to declutter. If you are not using the pieces they do not need to stay.

Make A Clothing Budget

DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE SALES. Most of my audience is from the ages of 18 to 25. This is the age where we are just starting to learn money management and set savings goals. Shopping on an impulse is something that could definitely put a damper on those goals. Set yourself a budget for clothing with every paycheck or on a monthly basis. It is an amazing feeling to feel fly and responsible at the same time.


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